Out now: Happiness REMIXED Listen to this awesome remix! Randy Seidman & Ohmanac did a great job! Funky electronic music at it's best! 🔊😎🕺 Get it here:
Have a great day! 🔊🤙🏼

"Happiness Remixed" is # 3 @ iTunes Electronic Charts Austria!

Randy Seidman | Sferix | SINE | GOLD LOUNGE music | Thomas Lemmer | Houie Drewman - Thank you very much for your great Remixes! 🔊😀☀️

Sine Music

Happy to see Mr. Polished Chrome with his EP "Happiness Remixed" at no. 3 in the iTunes Electronic Charts in Austria!!
All informations about the EP here:…/polished-chrome-happiness-remi…/

— Gezeigte Produkte: Polished Chrome - Happiness Remixed.

Awesome new release from Brainworx Audio Plugins | Plugin Alliance 🔊😎


One of my favorite movies!

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55.332 Aufrufe

Drive Ryan, drive! 🏎️ Heute Abend um 21h50 im TV.

Seems like there is coming lots of awesome new stuff from Brainworx Audio Plugins / Plugin Alliance 🔊😎👍🏼

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OUT TUESDAY! bx_delay 2500.
The glitch-free creative delay.

New plugin from Brainworx Audio Plugins / Plugin Alliance coming soon!

Looks very interesting 🔊😎

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Inspired by Amek 9098.
20 TMT Channels of Mastering and Mixing EQ Goodness. Full TMT Console to follow soon!

Polished Chrome hat Luftrums Beitrag geteilt — freudig.

Hi Luftrum! I think this would fit my chillout producer friends and me very well!

Randy Seidman | Sferix | SINE


It is time for a Lunaris give-away. Win Lunaris ($159) to you and up to three of your music / producer friends, all you have to do is Like, comment or share thi...s post and tag those who deserve to enrich their DAW with Unparalleled Pads. The friends-pack will be found February 26.

Lunaris has a 20% discount during this, just enter lunarismates in the promo field at checkout. If you should happen to win it too, a full refund will be offered for the purchased license.

**Lots of growling basses, unwanted sidechain compression and distorted noises were harmed during the making of this Interstellar'ish synthpads event.

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Add two products to the same shopping cart for 10% discount, add three for 20% discount and add four products for 30% discount. After order you will receive a serial number via email, this serial is used to register Lunaris with the full version of Kontakt v5.6.8 or later, or the free Kontakt Player...

Feat. The fantastic remix of "Bungalow" from Sferix!

Bild könnte enthalten: Kaffeekocher und Getränk

Coffee Time means :
Enjoying a cup of coffee, while playing some lounge tracks in Guido's Lounge Cafe with bartender DJ Guido,
Wednesday at 7 PM CET
00:00 Intr...o - Intro
01:13 Michael e & Jirka - The Art Of Happiness
06:27 Ahmed Sirour - I AM 1 (instrumental)
10:36 The New Deal - Exciting New Direction
13:18 SLG feat. D Guttenbach - Where is the Love I am looking for (Nightwalk Mix)
19:34 Valdi Sabev - That Yellow Tree On The Hill
26:45 Placid Larry - Descend
30:01 Velvet Dreamer - Now Is the Time
35:09 Polished Chrome - Bungalow (Sferix Remix)
39:48 Noise Boyz - With My Own Eyes (Keys Of Da Sea Mix)
44:52 Clive Button - Chi Ba
50:51 Pegasus & Manticor - It's About
56:38 Enigma - Mea Culpa (Fading Shades Remix)

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Feat. Polished Chrome - True Love

Journeyscapes Radio 🔊😀☀️

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Journeyscapes Radio ist mit Ariday Herap unterwegs.

LOVE POTION (#172) is this week's Journeyscapes Radio themed episode; a sensual brew of ambient & downtempo to honor the holiday of romance! ❤️

00:00 / Stellardrone / Rendezvous with Rama / Between the Rings
06:28 / Polished Chrome / True Love / Happiness
12:37 / Evenus / A Moment with You / Living the Life We Dreamed
16:00 / Translippers / Full Moon Kiss / Kineta Lounge, Vol. 2
22:32 / C.M.I. / Moments in Love (Milews Chill Mix) / Moments in Love
29:16 / Electrotête / I Love You / Logic Trance 2
33:00 / Sean Hayman / Sea of Love (whisper mix) / Full Moon Chill, Vol. 2
37:59 / Vangelis / Love Theme / Blade Runner
42:40 / Song Sung / I’m Not in Love (Exclusive 10cc Cover) / Late Night Tales
53:33 / Darshan Ambient / Kissing Crust / Lingering Day
56:43 / Love Potion / Beauty Sleep / XXX

You can listen & view the playlist at with links to purchase the music, as well as hear a Journeyscapes variety 24/7 in high resolution audio. To listen to this mix on the go, download the mobile app at

Cosmicleaf Records Sine Music Spotted Peccary Music #ValentinesDay #Chillout #Ambient #Downtepo #DJMix

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Best of the best: Randy Seidman - Open House 🔊😎☀️

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920 Aufrufe
Randy Seidman

New episode of Open House is out now! The talented Spanish techno artist, George Privatti, takes over the second hour for an exclusive session. Hope you dig! 📡🎵


Brandnew single from SINE 🔊😎👍🏼

Sine Music freudig.

The new single "Stupid Minds" by SINE is out now. Including original, radio and acoustic mix.
Download or stream here:

— Gezeigte Produkte: Sine - Stupid Minds.

DJ Raphaël Marionneau - Some of the finest chillout mixes available! 🔊😀

listen to my latest mix of "le voyage abstrait" in Planetarium Hamburg in January 2018.

le voyage abstrait This is a mix from my latest multimedia shows "le voyage abstrait" at Planetarium Hamburg and Berlin in January 2018. Since 2001, i perform monthly this show under the dome with a DJ set from classical, ambient to downtempo and deep-house, supported by great lights, lasers, videos...
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21. Januar
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PSPaudioware hat ein Angebot gepostet.

Save almost 90% on PSP Xenon for next 96 hours only!

Polished Chrome hat einen Link geteilt.
7. Januar
8 Likes, 4 Comments - Polished Chrome (@polishedchrome) on Instagram: “Busy! 🔊😀☀️#polishedchromemusic #sinemusic #electronicmusic #chilloutmusic #cubase #cubase95pro…”
Polished Chrome ist mit Firas Tarhini unterwegs.
3. Januar

Yeah! Polished Chrome is #6 in the Below Zero charts for December 2017! 🔊😀☀️

Get this song here:

Congrats to Clelia Felix with her song "Whispering Breeze" and Firas Tarhini for his great remix of "Flying" from SINE!


— Gezeigte Produkte: Ladybug is dreaming of apple pie.

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Still in the iTunes Electronic Charts!

Get it here:

3 Likes, 1 Comments - Polished Chrome (@polishedchrome) on Instagram: “Still in the @itunes electronic charts! Very happy to be still in the Top 200! 🔊😀☀️…”

Check this out! Awesome to be part of the show!
Randy Seidman | STROM:KRAFT - Radio

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★★★ OPEN HOUSE RADIO SHOW #154 ★★★ Randy Seidman


05.00pm (CET)

01. #Sultan & #NedShepard – Verona (Original Mix)
02. Marga Sol – Feelings For Free (Original Mix)
03. #MichaelE – Shadows & Light (Original Mix)
04. #York & #WadadliAcoustics – Nothing Is Over (Original Mix)
05. #MargaSol – It’s You Underwater (#Randy Edit)
06. Christos Fourkis – Mood For Love (Original Mix)
07. Emapea – Smooth Walk (Original Mix)
08. Dominik Pointvogl– Diner En Blanc (Original Mix)
09. #DominikPointvogl – Pista Azura (Original Mix)
10. Grouse – Aqua (Original Mix)
11. #Lux – Northern Lights (Original Mix)
12. #Collioure – Timeless Pulse (Original Mix)
13. Marga Sol– Feel The Sun (Original Mix)
14. York – Bye Bye Baby (Original Mix)
15. #ChristosFourkis – Heart Of The Sun (Original Mix)
16. SOTY – Mind Games (Original Mix)
17. Poldoore – Antarctic Circle (Original Mix)
18. Ark Patrol – Tokyo (Original Mix)
19. #Kassstedy – Perfect Ways (Original Mix)
20. York. Seven24 & R.I.B. – Salty Belle (Original Mix)
21. Alexander Volosnikov – Ever Since We’ve Known Each Other (Original Mix)
22. Polished Chrome – Always You (Original Mix)
23. #Arma8 & #AngelFalls – Dark Sides (Original Mix)
24. #PolishedChrome – Bungalow (Original Mix)
25. Polished Chrome – Lady Bug Is Dreaming of Apple Pie (Original Mix)
26. Randy Seidman, ROGERIO JARDIM, #ThomasCunningham – Come Back To Me (Polished Chrome Remix)
27, Polished Chrome – Malibou Beach (Original Mix)
28. Seven24, #Kiwi, #KonstantinAstafyev – Follow The Wind (Original Mix)
29 . Alexander Volosnikov – Then And Now (Original Mix)
30. Dinka – Spring Valley (Original Mix)
31. Polished Chrome – Circle (Original Mix)
32. Jerome Isma-Ae – Underwater Love (Original Mix)
33. R.I.B. – I Remember You (Original Mix)
34. #Brimstone – Reach Out To Me (Original Mix)
35. #Bicep – Glue (Original Mix)
36. R.I.B vs. Soty & Seven24 – Deep Under The Sky (Original Mix)
37. Protoculture – Across An Ocean of Stars (Intro Mix)
38. #Spor – Pacifica (Acoustic Mix)
39. Orbion – Nocturne (Original Mix)
40. Seven24 & #Rayan Myers – The Journey (Piano Mix)
41. #SadRadioOnCassini – Evening (Original Mix)

Listen here:
Web Player:
Mobile Phone :
Media :

STROM:KRAFT - Radio #openhouse #randyseidman
#stromkraft #techno #house #radio

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