Out now: Happiness REMIXED Listen to this awesome remix! Randy Seidman & Ohmanac did a great job! Funky electronic music at it's best! 🔊😎🕺 Get it here:
Have a great day! 🔊🤙🏼
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This is so good! Amazing! 🔊😀☀️

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Everything New

Get it for free! Great EQ from Overloud! 🔊😎👍🏼

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We released a new Gem plugin for FREE!
Until March18th get the best EQ550 emulation ever!

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This is really awesome! 🔊😀☀️
On the compilation Offline Vol.2 you can find my song „Ladybug is dreaming of apple pie“ 🐞❤️
Listen to it here:…/polished-chrome-ladybug-is

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SINE sehr dankbar.

iTunes Electronic Charts Germany right now 😊
Thanks !!

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Instagram Post by Radio Nightwatchman • March 9, 2018 at 10:36AM PST

Rob Papen | Predator and Predator 2 - Two of the best VST Synths available! 🔊😎☀️

Today Live Stream on YouTube 20:00 hr CET.
Subject will be Predator 2 and how to work fast with it.. tweaking presets, tips and so on...
Also some background info about Predator and Predator 2

Rob Papen's virtual synthesizers define the cutting edge of contemporary music production: powerful instruments and plug-ins that bring together innovative d...

Interesting new release from Softube!
Have to try this One 🤓

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Geschäft für audiovisuelle Ausrüstung

Learn more here -

✮ Mastering compression, limiting, and de-essing without compromise. Every mastering engineer’s ...fondest dream is about to come true.

A line-by-line code port of the legendary Weiss DS1-MK3 mastering processor; the unit no serious mastering engineer can do without is now a plug-in for the first time. ✮

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Got my nob from NOB CONTROL this week 👍🏼

Instagram Post by Polished Chrome • March 2, 2018 at 08:09AM PST
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Instagram Post by Curse • March 4, 2018 at 12:18AM PST

My favourite house music podcast!
Randy Seidman - Open House 🔊😎

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Randy Seidman

New episode of Open House is out now! Fresh jams in the first hour followed by an exclusive session with the talented head of Souled Records, Miguel Matoz. 📡🎵

XLN Audio - RC20 Retro Color 🔊😎👍🏼

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XLN Audio

How do you use the RC-20 Retro Color in your songs? We're super curious to hear!

Another fantastic mix from Guido's Lounge Cafe 🔊😀☀️

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Guido Van Der Meulen kreativ mit Siena Bolyne und 48 weiteren Personen – hier: Geleen.

═••••>CLICK & PLAY<••^_^…/guidos-lounge-cafe-broadcast-03…/
►▬~ Rhy...thm Breeze ~▬◄

Guido's Lounge Cafe Broadcast 0312 Rhythm Breeze (20180223)

This set has a lot of different flavors in it
But the most important is the Rhythm
I hope you gonna enjoy this one, as I did creating it
This felt a little like a Beach Party
O yes, there is a double track, but different

00:00:00 Ann Grace - Intro(Calma)
00:01:11 Dreamscape - phobos (beat it mix)
00:03:39 Moca - Kippchen
00:09:10 Eliane Elias - Segredos (Secrets)
00:12:15 Fresh Moods - Rhythmbreeze
00:18:45 Redlounge Orchestra - Sonic circle
00:22:58 Gervaso Silva - Paradise
00:25:42 Marga Sol - Imagine Me (Original MIX)
00:28:35 Chris Standring - Oliver's Twist
00:31:47 Marc Hartman - Solar Eclipse
00:36:15 Enigmatic Obsession - The Delta Of The Red Driver
00:39:08 Jens Gad - Lifesign (Featuring Fabrizio Levita)
00:43:18 Cocogroove - Forgotten Jungle (Swazi Mix)
00:51:28 Kool&Klean - Reality
00:55:49 Polished Chrome - Red sky
01:00:28 S.T.U.C.E - Chuki ya nini

Kind regards


Download Patreon:

Ann Grace - Intro(Calma)…/intro-calma-original-mix/6906818

Dreamscape - phobos (beat it mix)

Moca - Kippchen

Eliane Elias - Segredos (Secrets)…/…/6211346

Fresh Moods - Rhythmbreeze…/release/167041

Redlounge Orchestra - Sonic circle…/sonic-circle-original-mix/3106186

Gervaso Silva - Paradise

Marga Sol - Imagine Me (Original MIX)…/imagine-me-original-mix/868941

Chris Standring - Oliver's Twist…/…/B006STHW9E

Marc Hartman - Solar Eclipse

Enigmatic Obsession - The Delta Of The Red Driver…/…/B000E5KTSY

Jens Gad - Lifesign (Featuring Fabrizio Levita)…/…/1589078

Cocogroove - Forgotten Jungle (Swazi Mix)…/forgotten-jungle-swazi-m…/1175156

Kool&Klean - Reality

Polished Chrome - Red sky…/first-experience-bonus…/335838556

S.T.U.C.E - Chuki ya nini

Cover pic:

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My favorite Hip Hop artist: Curse
New album out now!

BEI MIR - Single ab jetzt überall: Album "Die Farbe von Wasser" vorbestellen: T...

Awesome new release from Brainworx Audio Plugins | Plugin Alliance 🔊😎

"Happiness Remixed" is # 3 @ iTunes Electronic Charts Austria!

Randy Seidman | Sferix | SINE | GOLD LOUNGE music | Thomas Lemmer | Houie Drewman - Thank you very much for your great Remixes! 🔊😀☀️

Sine Music

Happy to see Mr. Polished Chrome with his EP "Happiness Remixed" at no. 3 in the iTunes Electronic Charts in Austria!!
All informations about the EP here:…/polished-chrome-happiness-remi…/

— Gezeigte Produkte: Polished Chrome - Happiness Remixed.

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18. Februar

One of my favorite movies!

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Drive Ryan, drive! 🏎️ Heute Abend um 21h50 im TV.